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Uniform Tax Allowance

If you wear or have worn a uniform or protective clothing at work over the past 4 years, which you must wash and maintain yourself, you may be due a tax refund from HMRC. This allowance can be backdated for up to 4 years.

Marriage Tax Allowance

Marriage Tax Allowance allows a couple to transfer 10% of the lower earning partners personal tax allowance to the higher earning partner. Which, simply put, means the higher earner will pay less tax.

Mileage Tax Allowance

Work Mileage Tax Allowance is a tax relief from the HMRC which allows you to deduct the costs of business trips from your income. This tax relief could be worth up to 45p for every mile you have travelled since April 2015.

PPI Tax Refund

If you have received a payment for mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) since April 2016, you could be eligible for a PPI Tax Refund, as most banks/lenders will have incorrectly deducted 20% tax automatically.

Work From Home Tax Relief

If you are a UK tax-paying employee and were told to work at home by your employer because of Covid-19 (even for a single day) and, as a result, your household costs have increased, you are eligible to claim the working from home tax relief.

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